FAQ- Kozy Cove 100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin


1- What are the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase?

Silk pillowcases offer a variety of benefits for your hair and skin, including:

  • Reduced friction: Silk's smooth surface reduces friction by 43%, minimizing breakage and promoting healthy hair.
  • Prevents frizz and tangles: The silky texture of silk glides over hair, preventing frizz and tangles, leaving you with smooth, manageable locks.
  • Retains moisture: Silk's natural properties help retain moisture in your hair, preventing dryness and promoting a healthy shine.
  • Prevents split ends: The smooth surface of silk reduces friction, minimizing hair breakage and preventing split ends.
  • Promotes scalp health: Silk's gentle touch is soothing for the scalp, promoting overall scalp health and reducing irritation.

    2- How do I care for my Kozy Cove Silk Pillowcase?

    To keep your Kozy Cove Silk Pillowcase looking and feeling its best, follow these care instructions:

    • Hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle with cold water and a mild detergent.
    • Use a silk-specific detergent or a mild, fragrance-free detergent.
    • Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals.
    • Hang dry or tumble dry on low heat.
    • Iron on a low heat setting if necessary.

    3- How often should I wash my Kozy Cove Silk Pillowcase?

    We recommend washing your Kozy Cove Silk Pillowcase once a week or every other week. If you have oily hair or skin, you may need to wash it more often.

    4- Can I use my Kozy Cove Silk Pillowcase with my CPAP machine?

    Yes, you can use your Kozy Cove Silk Pillowcase with your CPAP machine. The smooth surface of the silk will not interfere with the mask or tubing of your CPAP machine.

    5- I have sensitive skin. Will your silk pillowcase irritate my skin?

    No, our silk pillowcases are made from a soft, gentle fabric that is less likely to irritate your skin than cotton or other fabrics. In fact, silk is often recommended for people with sensitive skin.

    6- What size pillowcases do you offer?

    We offer Kozy Cove Silk Pillowcases in standard size (48*74).

    7- What colors do you offer?

    We offer a wide variety of colors to choose from, including blue, gold, green, grey, pink, purple, red, silver, and white.

    We hope this FAQ section is helpful. Please contact us know if you have any other questions.